What is a Medical Assistant

The services of the medical assistant is divided various categories.  They can work in the clerical, administrative, or clinical functions. For running medical centre smoothly, we need good medical assistant. Although with the demand of time, there are few specialized medical assistant, in a particular field.  Therefore, you can say that there are four medical assistant, like clerical medical assistant, administrative medical assistant, clerical medical assistant and of course the specialist one.

Job of clerical medical assistant

If anybody is interested in the job of clerical assistant, need to be accomplished in catering various services.  You would have to attend phone calls, maintain the schedule appointments, book the patients registration, fire mails; moreover, you have to type doctor’s letters or memos. You will have to work in the similar fashion as the clerical personnel do.

Work associated with administrative medical assistants

The job of administrative medical assistants is to look after medical related tasks.  One has to submit the documents such as medical forms, update the medical flies of the patients, set up the schedule of the medical tests, and arrange for the admissions in the hospitals.  They handle the administrative part of the medical centers. Sometimes, you have to do regular billings, and other bookkeeping duties, related to the customer services.

Clinical medical assistant- a guide to the medical practitioner

Clinical medical assistant is a bit specialized one in comparison to the clerical and administrative medical assistant.  However, for the job clinical medical assistant, you have to acquire certain degree of qualification.  To add, one has to perform many medical related duties.  One has to prepare patients for the medical tests, checking out patient’s medical history, moreover, sometimes they also assists the physician during the examinations. At times, they have to boost the confidence in the patients, explain them about the medical procedure, connect them to the reputed pharmacies, check out and gather the laboratory specimens, further they also the sterilize the medical operating tools. A clinical medical assistant also has to collect the blood, take out the sutures, and also taking the readings of electrocardiograms, CT scans X-RAY and other tests.

Specialized medical assistant- the highest position in the field

 Specialized medical assistant are those professionals who are accomplished in the certain area.  They are almost the right hand of doctors.  Therefore, for joining as a specialized medical assistant, you need to be highly responsible. For instance, whenever, we consult ophthalmologist, we see a medical assistant over there. The optometric assistant or dental assistant work closely with the medical practitioner, instructing patients about the pros and cons while the medications.    

Job opportunities

There are a lot of job opportunities, in the field of medical assistant.  These days we have many medical centers, and the number is increasing every now and then.  Therefore, you want to make your career in the field of medical assistant, you can certainly look forward to it.