What is a Meltdown

The melting points will be predefined in the reactors and if the heat level increases such melting points that can be called as melt down.  This type of situations happen at the reactors when the coolants loss their ability to cool the reactor or an accidental situation of overheating.   Sometimes the coolants may run slowly or slow flow rate or low voltage power situation.  Sometimes the reactors may have external fire danger.  That fire may lead to melt down.  It can be simply said as core damage due to the overheating.  Due to this over heating situation, the reactor may collapse or damage partially or to a fullest extent.

When the fuel elements start to melt, there exists breach of primary containment.  The nuclear fission products may leach out of the coolant.  Superheated or overheated steam may finally result in fuel coolant interactions.  Such situations may also lead to hydrogen explosions.  It can be said as a serious situation only. As the radioactive elements of materials could breach and enter in to the environment so that the total environment will gets contaminated.  The total environment will get poisoned by radiation and the people and animals suffer a lot.  Due to the overheating radio activity, the environment may face the danger of core melt and that can be measured by curies.

Generally nuclear power plants produce electricity by heating a fluid through the nuclear reaction by way of running a generator.  The heat must be removed as and when it was produced. If the heat was not removed the fuel assemblies in the reactor may melt and create an overheating situation.  That can be continued even after the closure of nuclear reactor.  As the fuel continues its production for some time, the heat will produce until the heat dissipates with the time.  When the reactors were brought to control, many technicians remove the spent fuel first. They will try to bury the sarcophagus which will prevent the excess radiation.  They will try to control the leak out of radiation however.  When the reactor will get treated by born, automatically it will get cool down and the process will be shut off completely to wipe out the reactor.

To a maximum extent the term is used in the case of nuclear reactors.  In some other situations also the term can be used for the subprime mortgage crisis, a tantrum or for referring a book.  For obesity reducing treatments also the term was widely used to refer the weight loss as melting off weight.  

The world’s nuclear power disaster was in Chernobyl in the country of Ukraine during 1986.  The explosion was very severe and the radioactive clouds are formed and the environment turned dusty spreading through hundreds of kilometers.  Many people thought of cancer deaths also.  Thus it was meltdown situation in Chernobyl.