What is a Metric Ton

It is a SI unit which referred to the International System of Units for measurement and the symbol being used as metric ton is just a small letter‘t’. It is strictly used for measure one million of grams. For this reason metric ton is also known as mega gram.  In some countries metric ton is called as tonne yet. Not to be confused simply ton means two thousand pounds and it is equal to nine hundred and seven kilograms. But a long ton in few countries is equal to two thousand and two hundred forty pounds which measurement is one thousand and sixteen kilograms after conversion in SI Unit kilogram.

There are another two form used with prefixes as like metric ton for the ton unit of weight , one is kilotons, another is megatons which are commonly used.  These two units are used to refer the amount of released energy. By this way, the total releasing force of explosion of the explosive element TNT can be measured by metric ton. In this condition the metric ton is equal to 4.19X10^9 Joules which is a unit of energy. Kilotons and megatons are equal to 4.19X10^12 Joules and 4.19X10^15 Joules respectively. As example, the bomb thrown in Hiroshima at time of Second World War was measured twenty two kilotons amount of TNT explosive. One everyone should not mix up and the long ton because these are not different by the pronunciation or spelling. The metric ton or tonne is used as a global unit of measurement and ton are used for make the unit system standard or imperial in many industries but there are some industries like freight used the long ton.

Different Units of mass and weight of Metric Ton

There are many mass units of volume which are called the ton. In some countries imperial system was used formerly, in that system ton means 2,240lb or 1,016.047kg. In few countries ton means 2,000lb or 907.1847kg. In 17th and 18th centuries the iron industry used 2240lb as a ton. In petroleum products long ton is used as aviation fuel. Ships carrying capacity is measured deadweight ton, which include bunker oil, ballast water and provisions. It is measured in tons (one thousand kilograms) or long tons (twenty two hundred and forty pounds about one thousand and sixteen kilograms). This measurement is as well used in the many countries in naval ships. Eventually, tons are being used instead of long tons in the measurement of the dislocation of ships. In few countries harbor ton was used in the 20th century. Short and long tons are consisted of twenty hundred weights, being hundred and twelve and hundred pounds respectively. One measurement ton is equal to forty cubic feet. Somewhere fright ton is equal to one ton. The load capacity of a ship is measured in register ton and which is 1.44 cubic meters. In some countries water ton was equal to two hundred and twenty four imperial gallons.

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