What is a Midwife

A midwife is known to be a medical professional who makes a partnership contract with a women to support her during her, prenatal, pregnancy, post natal and parenting period. A Midwife is usually appointed in a hospital, birth or community center.

Midwives usually tend to support the transition period of a women in between her pregnancy, labor and childbirth. They also consider the pregnancy as one of the most significant factor of a women life and thus try to support her in each and every situation at their level best.

The complete process of midwifery involves:

  • Detecting complications in both baby and mother
  • Initiating any emergency treatment independently
  • Referring emergency cases to medical experts or specialists

A Midwife also plays an important and active role in counseling and providing adequate information to a woman and to her entire family relating to her pregnancy and childbirth issues.

In order to posses a registered certificate of a midwife, a person needs to take admission in a midwifery recognized program that is conducted by a recognized institute. A program of education also includes providing demonstration on various skills that a woman must possess in order to provide a professional midwife service to another woman in need.

Soon after the completion of the program a midwife gains a valid and legal license to practice as a midwife in any hospital, clinic and medical unit or institute. The duties involve offering information, advice, care and supervision to a pregnant women. A midwife takes a complete responsibility of giving extra care toa woman at the time of conducting the delivery as well as taking additional care of the new born child too.

A midwife is a kind of great support to a women right from the start of her childbearing cycle till her postnatal period. Midwives are considered by the World health organization as one among the best healthcare service providers taking care of a normal childbirth.

Every midwife need to have sufficient information on numerous variation and patterns that are involved in a childbirth and postpartum situations. It is a duty of every midwife to facilitate a healthy result by alerting the patient in case of any deviation from a normal situation.

A midwife also plays an active role to promote the level of utmost care, relaxation, comfort and mind peace in women during childbirth. Her hands are considered as one of her most precious tools that can sense and heal every medical problem with the touch of her hands.

It becomes a sole responsibility of every woman to appoint a midwife possessing competency and required qualities to support her during the crucial period of her pregnancy. A midwife is considered to provide a complete joy, happiness and fulfillment to women by gifting her a child and that too with much ease and comfort.