What is a Motherboard

Motherboards are available in different configurations depending upon the utility and cost of the unit. The basic elements of a motherboard are a number of different interfaces that are used to plug in various devices and a chip set of BIOS that controls the working of the motherboard. Most of the computer fanatics use BIOS of their own choice and usually prefer a motherboard which is manufactured by BIOS manufacturing company like most of the gamers use motherboard with BIOS which is best for the applications of graphics.

CPU of a computer is another most significant component of a computer that is plugged in the motherboard. AMD or Intel CPUs are normally supported by the motherboards of the computers. These CPUs are available in different categories as per the category of te manufacturer. All the CPUs need different type of plug in sockets and for this reason you must decide for the CPU to be used in the computer, if you purchasing the components to be attached with the motherboard separately so that the compatibility between CPU and motherboard can be ensured. RAM supported by motherboard is another important component that has to be decided as per its size and type before purchasing a motherboard as every type and size of RAM need different socket to plug it in properly. The motherboard with different options of plug in sockets for RAM is advisable its future extensions.

Every motherboard has different kind of PCI slots as their number varies like that of other interfaces such as differing RAID abilities, USB and Firewire ports and SATA ports. Usually the video and sound card are already built-in the motherboards but severally the perfectionists prefer to disconnect the default video and sound system and connect an additional card for them. There are certain fixed sizes and footprints of the motherboards which are used as per the configurations of the system by the manufacturers of computers.

Building a computer is a difficult job but the availability color coded motherboards with built-in controllers have eased the process to assemble a computer. The basic thing that has to be considered while making a computer is the selection of suitable RAM, CPU and motherboard that can be compatible to your requirements as well with each other to get them plugged in on the motherboard properly. The other basic components needed in building a computer may include hard drives, a video card, an optical disk, a floppy drive and a sound card that have to be supported by the motherboard of the computer.

Conclusion: Thus, motherboard is the basic central circuit of a computer that supports basic components of the system like CPU, RAM, hard drive, sound and video cards etc. that are essential for the smooth working of the computer.