What Is a Neurologist

A neurologist is called as a specialized medical doctor who helps to diagnose and treat several injuries and disorders of the nervous system. Neurology is a field of medical science that includes treating disorders of the brain, muscles, nerves, spinal cord and the entire nerves of the body. Since the nervous system plays a core role to help the body to function normally and in an effective manner, neurology is considered as a boon in the field of medical science today.  

A Neurologist may perform certain neurological tests of the neck and head nerves, movement of the muscles and its strength, balance, nerve sensation, speech, language, cognitive abilities and ambulation. 

There are several diagnostic tests that a neurologist may advice to the patients to understand their present health condition like: 

  • Electroencephalography
  • Axial tomography scanning
  • Spinal Tap
  • Velocity of the Never condition
  • Magnetic resonance imaging or angiography 

A neurologist also plays an active role in identifying the root of the problem in the nervous system of a patient. The patients might be suffering from varied neurological problems like loss of smell, sight, taste, hearing or senses, memory or abstract thought. Some people also complaint of disability in performing their motor normal functions.

Besides this a neurologist is an expert in identifying and treating diseases like Alzheimer or Parkinson, Cerebral palsy and Epilepsy. There are also many brain neurologist surgeons who perform surgeries and help to remove lesions in the spinal cord, brain tumors or even repair the nerves.

Neurologists tend to work in co-ordination with psychiatrists or other medical experts to solve some major neurological disorders, avail solutions and further prevent any adverse health effects in the patients.

A neurologist examines the nervous system and takes additional advice from a psychiatric to follow and observe the changes in the behavioral pattern of a patient during the entire treatment process.

A neurologist is required to undergo an intensive training to become a certified board neurologist. He or she needs to complete four years in a medical school after four years in undergraduate college and then complete internship along with a certificate of neurology resident.

In all a neurologist will have to complete 12 years of study to become a practitioner in neurology. A neurologist can further join fellowship programs in order to gain additional knowledge and experience.

Neurologists are able to identify and study other major nervous disorders like any traumatic injury of spinal cord or brain, chronic pains like migraine, sleeping disorders, depression, tumors etc. They can easily identify the root cause, symptoms and effects of any neurological disorder and provide effective treatment subsequently.