What is a Nightclub

Are you one of the creatures of the night? When darkness falls, you would like to go to places and rock the party. Nothing would be better than any one of the numerous discotheques and dance clubs, where you can shake a leg or two. However, if it is not dancing that you want, you can settle in for some nice drinks and cocktails on the house. If you also want to meet some interesting men and women, you can meet them in a nightclub. Essentially, any nightclub is a place where you can do such things altogether. No, I am not talking about the seedy joints in New Orleans or Bangkok. I am talking about the more plush clubs, where good people come and have a blast of time. Here, you can come in for such different activities and purposes.

The nightclubs in big cities are located in the more plush and high end localities. These are the areas, where aristocratic masses come for dance, social interaction and also drink. Many of the popular nightclubs like the Copacabana in New York are also fine-dining restaurants. Here, the families can come and sit over some gourmet lunch or dinner. In nightclubs like the Copacabana, there are also musical performances by some of the reigning legends of the world of music and dance. So, it will be an all-round spectacular experience to share the eating space with the cream of crop of music and dance.

The culture of nightclubs and such lively places has sprouted from the heyday of the 1900s to 1920s. During this period, the workers had started nightclubs, where people could dine and drink amidst music. Live performances of pianists and other composers were arranged for the entertainment and amusement of the guests and diners. On occasions, even the performers like Italian singers or the Samba dancers were invited to perform at these clubs and places. They made up for most of the entertainment in those days.

The advent of the Prohibition dried up things a bit. Nightclubs were shut under the strict police orders and law enforcement. However, in the turbulent days of the Economic depression and the World War 2, the nightclubs served their purpose. With the advent of the 60s and 70s came the age of pop and disco. Soon, many of the nightclubs became as discotheques and dance clubs.

However, even today, the basic concept of a nightclub remains intact. Places like the Copacabana still reek of the memories of the good old days, when nightclubs were also places for families and married couples. Today, in any modern and suave nightclub, you can find some of the best delicacies, some of the most luxurious drinks and also interesting people. You can also shake your leg and tune into some of the most pulse pounding music that you may have ever heard in your life.




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