What is a Non-Surgical Facelift

While growing old, many people complaint of sagging skin and the skin loses its elasticity. This can happen because of many reasons. The skin loses fat and looks thinner. Over years, the harmful rays of sun also act on the skin and they make the skin duller and drooping. To get rid of this problem, people try many different things. Many people go for surgical treatments that can be very painful, complicated and expensive.  In addition, sometimes, after some time after the surgery, ageing reappears. In these cases, facelift is performed again. This procedure cannot be repeated more than three or four times on individuals as it does not look natural and the skin loses its natural glow.

These days, there are different ways with which one can improve his or her performance without using any surgical treatment mechanisms. This gives a safer way to get a younger looking skin by firming the skins without any surgical treatments. The non surgical face lifts aim at the dermis, or the deeper layer of the skin. They work in a manner that they cause the lower layer to contract. This provides support to the skin and makes the skin look tighter than before and gives the skin an uplifted look.

There are different cosmetic creams or wraps available these days. By applying these packs or creams, one can achieve the tightening effect in the skin. The formulas and compositions of different creams and packs are different. They work on the skin in different ways. These are not painful. However, it is important to test them on small area so that you can be sure that it does not cause any allergy to your skin as different individuals may be allergic to some elements or chemicals present in the lotion or skin wrap. These wraps also save you from visiting a specialist and spending heavy bucks. You can simply buy them and use them to get the results you want to see on your face. With continuous use, you will notice the change.

There are two kinds of non surgical treatment for facelift: Thermage and Titan. The difference between the two is the way by which they heat the dermis. Thermage uses radiofrequency technology while titan incorporates infrared.

The cost of these two technology is far cheaper than surgical treatments. The average cost comes between $500-$5000, depending mostly on the size of the area being treated

The non surgical mechanisms also include a variety of facial exercises. These exercises, if done properly and regularly improve the skin to a great extent as these exercises act on the elongated muscles and tightens them. Exercise of facial muscles is the most natural, inexpensive and safe way to achieve a younger look. However, it takes some time depending upon the type of skin and other aspects like diet and health condition of a person. To get results this way, one does not have to step out from the house. You can perform these exercises while sitting at home or any other place.