What is a Noob

Everyone likes to play games on computers, game consoles and other devices as well. This is because people will play games with good graphics or with some mind-blowing action and special effects as well. They can also play some sports like tennis and soccer in the games. The gamers also like to join the multi-player fraternities as well. But if gamers are not professional enough, they would be labeled as newbies. Another term for newbies and rookies is ‘noobs’. The noobs are often the outsiders or first-time gamers who can play the games but they are not well-versed with the different and new developments in the gaming circuits. Because of their limited knowledge, the noobs are often considered as out castes and they are often mocked for their limited experience.

The very comment of the ‘Noob’ is a comment that can be used in different ways and styles. Noob roughly means a rookie or an amateur in the field of gaming especially multi-player gaming. But the experiences veteran gamers use the slang in different ways to designate the rookies who have come to play games with the veterans. A noob could be a name to call one who has played with amateur skill and who needs some guidance from the veterans. But often, the bullying veterans would defame the newbies and rookies for their lack of gaming experience and also limited knowledge about the game. In the chat rooms, the noobs are soon found out due to their poor knowledge about the different systems of multiplayer gaming and even the single-player gaming as well.

The noobs are often exposed by their limited knowledge on the online gaming portals as well. The term of calling a rookie noob is not really associated with only the world of gaming. The truth is that rookies in army and navy are being called as noobs for a long time. Back in the turbulent days of the Vietnam War, the veterans would mock the raw recruits as newbies or noobs, which emerged as a popular slang. Then, in the US Navy, the unpromising and inexperienced sailors and seamen were referred to as Nubs. Nub spelled for Non-Useful Body. The seamen were mocked and also reprimanded for their lack of expertise and knowledge in their profession. The slang has lived on in the world of gaming as well as in other hectic sports as well.

How can one avoid being a noob himself? It is quite simple once people manage to do it. The noobs suffer a lot of jeers and outcry because of their limited potential of gaming and multiplayer gaming. So, if any new gamer enters the busy world of gaming, there are some things which can be done if the guy does not want to be called a noob or newbie by the veterans. When a newcomer comes to multiplayer gaming, he should prepare himself fully and properly. He should know or try to know all about the world of multi-player gaming as well. He should know what are the rules and strategies to win the collective levels of the game in succession. The newbie should also prepare himself with good answers to beat the jeering veterans. So, such things will prevent him from being called as a noob.

The conclusion is that there are some rookie players of games who are also classified as the noobs. These noobs or newbies often have to face a lot of mockery and insult due to their limited knowledge and experience about playing on multi-player arenas and venues. To avoid being called a noob, one should prepare or back up himself with some good knowledge about games, gaming and the different gaming venues as well.