What Is a Pageboy Hairstyle

A traditional pageboy is a woman’s hair style with the hair reaching the shoulder and rolled under the ends. However, it takes different forms according to fashion trends and also the person’s own preference. The pageboy was popularized by film actresses who sported it for fashionable look. The name is derived from the hairstyle adopted by pageboys in England in the good old days. From film actresses the hair style came on to fashionable women because it was very appealing to women in general. Present day pageboy is designed for various types of hair.

 The hair may be short or medium in length and straight. The hair is cut is under the ear where it generally curls which is reversed in the direction whereas it curls outwards naturally. The pageboy style may be accompanied by bangs even though it is not a specific requirement. Over the years many hair styles for page boy have been created. What is attractive about pageboy is that this hair style will look good on any face or body.

 The present pageboy which is very different from the traditional one has been in vogue only during the last 60 years or so. Due to the interest shown by film personalities page boy hairstyle has caught the imagination of the public in general. For a fashionable and stylish look many women took to pageboy and thereby the appeal became more universal. Variations are bound to happen for any hair style and in the case of pageboy there have been many. The present day pageboy is not just a modified version of traditional one but bears no resemblance to it at all.

 People want to get different looks by altering their hair style. Keeping the present pageboy without much alteration some hairstylist can give it a light curl and also a soft look, giving the impression of a wavy hair. Conversely, people endowed with natural curls get it cut and straightened. Hairstylists are on the move constantly to create more and more forms of hairstyle in the pageboy so that people do not get bored and tired of any one type of hair style.

 Even though men also go for pageboy, it is women who generally wear pageboy. To keep the hair glossy and use of smooth cream or oil with anti- frizz compound is advisable. When a person desires to have page boy she or he should have some idea of how they want to look. Photo albums in hair salons, in which you can see people with different styles of pageboy, can give you an idea of what is possible and you may choose accordingly.