What is a Pap Smear

Pap smear is a microscopic test of cells done by the doctor to check the cancer of the cervix which is a share of the uterus. Doctors prefer this test for screening of cervical cancer.

Procedure of Pap smear test:
Patient will sleep on the table and put their foot in stirrups. Medical professional will place the instrument in the vagina and Unwrap it a little to observe in the vaginal channel. Body cells are softly scraped from the area of cervix, and these cells are delivered to the lab for testing.

Preparation of test:
Patient should consult the doctor if the patient is taking some drugs or pills for birth control or conceiving the baby as well.

Few things that ought to be avoided for 24 hours prior to Pap smear test are douching, having intercourse, bathing and using tampons. Patient should avoid the Pap smear test during the menstruating period as well. Following conditions can affect the accurateness of Pap smear test. In case of irregular or abnormal bleeding, there are possibilities that doctor will recommend the patient to complete the test. Patient should empty the bladder prior the Pap smear test.

This test might cause few distress or uneasiness like menstrual pains. Patient might sense some heaviness throughout the test. Possibilities are there about little bleeding after the test.

Reason to perform the test: this is a screening test followed for cervical cancer. Many cervical cancers are detected in early stage through this process so following the test could be a better way to keep self protected from cervical cancer.

21 years-old woman can start the screening, though a woman should check few things after the first test like she should have the Pap smear test in every 2 years. If lady of 30 years gets negative in Pap smears for at least 3 times, then her doctor can prefer her to go for Pap smear test in every 3 years.

In case of changing the sexual partner woman should go for Pap smear test in every 2 years. 65 to 70 years-old woman can stop the Pap smear test whereas in case of change of sexual partner in 65 years of age women should start the screening again.

Results: A negative result in test means everything is normal and there is no irregular cell present in the cervix, though the normal value range can be different in diverse labs. Consulting the doctor for proper results is the finest method to protect self from cervical cancer.

Considerations: the result of Pap smear examination is not 100% correct. Luckily, cervical cancer grows very gradually in maximum women. So following the Pap smear test at regular intervals is must and patient must not conceal anything from the doctor.