What Is a Paraffin Manicure

Paraffin Manicure is a modern day relaxation treatment which provides aromatherapy to the people. Paraffin Manicure is performed by professionals who have extensive knowledge in this field.

Manicure in ordinary term is regarded as a process of beautification and cleaning of fingernails. It also includes proper enrichment of hand as far as its care is concerned. Paraffin Manicure is just a category of manicure which uses paraffin wax for the purpose of nourishing the skin along with it making it smoother and soft. Paraffin manicure generally consumes more time than the ideal manicure process due to its detailed obligations but no doubt renders soothing effect to the people. The process can either be carried out home or at your favorite spa.

The paraffin manicure is generally performed by professionals who have distinct knowledge in the same field as a result of which they are able to provide better results. When a professional is at your service various actions such as cleaning of nails, shaping of nails, polishing them, etc, are carried out eventually without any kind of trouble. Additional benefits such as arm massage along with hand dip in warm paraffin is also provided which enhances the results and render’s better smoothness and softness to the skin. The advantage of professionals is that they know exactly what alterations can be done in order to enhance the remedy, such as by adding some nice fragrance the solution of warm water, etc.

There are basically three distinctive ways to apply paraffin wax. Firstly, the Dip method can be used where the hand is dipped into the paraffin wax in repetitions until the hand is fully covered in wax, Secondly, use of thin wrapping sheets can be made to implement wax on the hand and thirdly, one can directly brush the paraffin wax onto the hands of the person.

One can use any of the ways, and the wax is coated, a towel soaked in hot water needs to be wrapped onto the hand of the person in order to keep the hand warm and moist. The cover has to be made for about 30 minutes after which it is time to peel of the wax. While peeling there is no pain or any sign of discomfort as the wax does not sticks to the skin, rather is present as a coat and after peeling off the layer, the skin is left soft and moist. The paraffin manicure is also famous for curing dehydrated skin which is often a concern for many. It leaves opens the pores and holds the required moisture in the skin.