What Is a Paraffin Pedicure

The modern world is full of excited things which can to only entertain people but also serve as their relaxation. One of such comfort is the Paraffin Pedicure.

A paraffin pedicure is a spa therapy in which the paraffin wax is applied on the feet to moisturize the feet skin, which gives the skin a glowing and shinny look. Actually the paraffin is applied after the feet is buffed and washed, and the toenails are properly cut, cleaned and filed in equal shapes. The paraffin pedicure also includes the application of nail polish.

The paraffin wax is warmed in a small tube before applying on the skin. As such, the wax will be at liquid state when it is applied on the feet. Different spa uses different techniques during their paraffin therapy. The feet should be dipped two to three times on the tub of wax and wrapped in to the plastic sheet or bag to keep the paraffin warm for long time.

After applying wax on the feet it is left for about five minutes for cooling. It is common, to keep the waxed dipped feet wrapped in cotton booties or warm towels which suits the plastic. This makes the paraffin warm for longer period of time which improves the moisturizing benefit for the feet. It is very important that during the paraffin treatment, the paraffin wax is filled with vital oils or fragrances which make the treatment more enjoyable and beneficial for the recipient.

If the person is having unceasingly dry skin, then paraffin treatment will be great help for him. The paraffin not only moisturizes but also helps to create the heat which makes the skin soften and improve the skin in the nearby areas of the feet, especially in calloused areas which are tough. A paraffin treatment can also help persons who have cracked feet. Cracked feet are very common and it place on the heel around the foot. As the cold weather leads to extreme dryness in skin, it is very important to encourage the paraffin therapy in winter months. Paraffin pedicure is more expensive than the tradition pedicure, because the paraffin treatment takes extra time and involves extra equipment and product. Some persons love paraffin therapy but don’t want to spend so much money in spa, so they buy the paraffin heaters and paraffin wax in order to enjoy the treatment at home.

The world is full of advanced measures which not only provide relaxation but also provides remedy to existing problems, but one has to unload a portion of their pocket for such purpose.