What Is a Passport Card

The passport card was previously also known as the PASS card. This card is introduced by the United States of America for its citizens to use instead of an original passport. This passport card that is issued for the convenience as it is uncomfortable for many to carry the bulky passport book during the travel to nearby international destinations. It should be aware that the passport card can only be used for other modes of travel like water to international destinations. Air travel does not permit the Passport card. The price of the passport card is much cheaper and handy when compared to the passport book. The passport card was mainly formed to cater to the requirements of Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative. 

Historically, a passport was required for entering United States after visiting other places around USA after enjoying an international destination. If one goes to Canada or Mexico, for entering USA one needed a passport as it is a government issued ID proof. With the attack of 9/11 and terrorism, the posts are more secured and the identification proof is strictly demanded. By applying for the passport card, it gets handier and it also acts as the identity proof for border checks.

The uses of passport cards are very beneficial for those who do not wish to carry the book style passport. This is because; there are many people who regularly move to Canada or Mexico for business purposes. But, carrying passport books gets cumbersome. The passport cards are compact and can be kept in a wallet when required.

The validity and the fees involved for the passport is similar when compared to the passport book. The validity of the passport card is for 10 years for those who are above the age of 16 years. The validity of the passport card reduces to 5 years for those who are less than 16 years of age. The processing fee that is charged by for the passport card is similar to the pass port book.

The card is well designed and completely secure. The passport card contains a RFID chip which avoids the car from counterfeiting. The hologram which is present on the front part of the passport card makes the card unique. The wording which is present in the passport card is raised print which feels like it’s embossed. An eagle with 13 arrows and an olive branch would appear on the back part of the passport card.

Passport card is thus very useful and anti counterfeit. It helps the tourists easily travel to neighboring destinations and can enter USA with just the passport card.