What is a Pave Setting

Pave setting as the name suggests is a form of setting. This is used for setting gem stones. So in order to understand pave setting we need to understand what stone setting is. Gem stones are precious or semi precious stones which are set in the jewllery. Now the stones being precious need to be set securely in the jewellery to ensure it does not fall out, leading to financial loss.

Gems are primarily cut in two types, cabochon and facet. Cabochon is smooth and curved finish on one side and flat on the other side. Facet is a type where number of facet are added to gem stones, which is what we see in most of the precious gem stones. There are six major forms of setting the precious or semi precious gem stones in the jewellery namely, Bezel, Burnish, Bead, Channel, Prong and Pave setting.

We will discuss Pave setting in the article. The dictionary meaning of pave is “covering of a surface with small pieces of material”. It can be brick or stone or tile or anything. When we take jewellery into account, we can easily deduce from the word that pave setting primarily means setting of gem stones on the jewellery in such a way that puts an impression that the entire jewllery has been paved with gem stone. This technique is used by jewelers to enhance the beauty of the ring of pendant or bangles. Typically it is used with rings where in a central piece of big gem stone, may be diamond is set using bezel or Prong setting. The exposed metal which is mostly gold or diamond is paved with smaller precious or semi precious gem stones. The objective, it appears, is to cover most of the metal and ensure least amount of metal is visible to the eye.

This is done by putting depressions in the ring when it is being made and later the gems are securely fixed in the depressions. This also means that there is always the chance of the gem stone falling off as it is nearly not as secure way of fixing gem stone as Bezel or Prong setting are. On the other hand the advantage of pave setting is that the cost of the jewellery goes down to a large extent. This is because small stone are used to pave and the cost of smaller stones is much lower than bigger stones. The number of stones used in setting, also add to the glitter and shine of the jewllery, particularly when the setting stone is a diamond. This makes it attractive and hence is a favorite for some people.

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