What is a Performance Review

It is a periodical review of the employee’s performance. Just as students are reviewed in the school regarding their progress, the same happens with employees. These reviews are very demanding as it decides the future of an employee’s job. The result of such reviews helps an employee to know what the drawbacks are and how he or she can improve performance.

Any organization has to follow certain principles regarding Performance Reviews. There are some do’s and don’ts which are as follows:


  • Every organization should make it clear to all the employees as how they would evaluate for individual performance.
  • Before meeting the employee’s for one on one round the human resource department should hand over a copy of appraisal to each and every employee.
  • During the one on one the human resource staff who speaks to them should keep in mind to speak about the employee’s strengths and encourage them to do so in the coming days.


  • No general feedback to be given, the human resource executive who speaks to the employee’s should be very specific in telling them what behavior they should stop or improve.
  • It is always better to disclose compensation details in the beginning of the conversation itself.
  • Talk about the poor performance in a sugarcoated manner, since face to face is the best opportunity to improve on poor performances.

The human resource department uses a performance review form to record all the individual performance in the background of the current management process. Both the managers and employees are bound to complete this yearly performance review forms as per the deadline dates issued. The process of performance review begins when the employee’s fill out a form called Self Appraisal. It is always suggested that the self appraisal be completed two weeks before the performance discussion.

The self appraisal form has various sections that have to be filled by him or her. It covers the key areas of responsibilities of the employee, performance proficiencies that include skills and behavior, overall assessment which contains employee’s personal and professional assessment. Finally the most important section is the development plans, where the employee can mention about what he or she requires for performance development. It can include certification courses for value addition, special skills training for performance enhancement that adds value to the company etc.

Last but not the least the employee’s can make a mention of their goals and what they expect from the company to meet the objectives of the organization whilst their growth as well.

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