What is a Peter Pan Collar

In clothing, a collar is the part of a shirt, dress, coat or blouse that fastens around or frames the neck. Among clothing professionals, a collar is not made by the same fabric but usually made by using fabric or by adding something to make the same fabric different. A peter pan collar is small, it is flat and its ends are rounded and there is no stand as seen in usual collars. It rather lies down over the clothing as another layer over it though separated. It was very popular for use in women’s and children’s clothing till the mid of 20th century. Even today these collars are popular collar style though only for the younger age groups. The rounded Peter Pan collars are mostly worn without any ties or bows.

There are quite a few things that differentiate the peter Pan collar from other types of shirt collars. The biggest one being the rounded edges. The collar are kept small so that they don’t interfere with the childs playing antics and they give a snug fit. If made for women the dress with a Peter Pan collar is not too loud and revealing as collar clings to the neck and avoids showing any cleavage. The Peter Pan collar’s became popular in the early 1900 and as the name suggests draws its inspiration from J.M. Barrie’s classic play and novel. The trend was started by little boys wanting to look like peter pan and later it was added to the girls collars and then for the younger generation too. In mid of the century this was added to the women’s party clothing. These days its used on womens clothing for all age brackets. IT can be seen on silk or on manmade fiber clothing with floral designs.

It seems to give a more classical look to the wearer as opposed to the raging fashion trends that keep changing every year. The peter pan collars thus give a touch of sophistication to the wearer without making her appear too old. Bright colors and added jewels are sometimes used to give them a more rich look. The extensive button and trim detail is also quite popular as use in outerwear, particularly coats, in addition to blouses and dresses. The prices of these tend to be higher than the normal dresses women buy but then these don’t tend to go out of fashion hence they also provide value for money as they can be used for longer duration of time.

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