What is a Podcast

The term podcast was used by Ben Hammersley in 2004. It was used for the purpose of broadcasting some special radio program in the form of episodes. This term is designed by a compiled form of i-pod and webcast. Together the term derived is podcast i.e. transformation of media to the destination device through a process of webcasting. This kind of technology is based on the updates of audio and video media directly from internet to the personal device of the user. The popularity of podcasting is growing up day by day as according to an American survey news updates and social blogging subscription has been increased about 14.5% within a year. Similarly, the no. of users of audio video data was marked with the increase of approx. 5000 users. Podcasting evolved as one of the mostly used web technology since 2009. Approximately 14% corporate media has been used up within the year. 

In other words, podcast can be defined as a digital media consisting of a wide variety of media for which subscription has been committed. Moreover, the audio and video files are related to time to time updates of latest incomings through web by an automatic syndicating system. These downloaded and saved files become available in an episodic channel. The process of podcasting is made assessed with special podcasting software for the use of client. This software carries out the process of automatic affiliation with the internet streaming of the files of client’s interest. This is possible by the process of subscription to particular type of files. Thus, the latest web content of the client’s use is subjected to the procedure of auto saving in the personal device of the user.

Podcasting technique is a combined form of disruptive technology and a converging media which can run audio files, web affiliation and broadcasting together at a time. Disruptive system of the technology leads to the process of consuming, processing and distribution of the media. Once a person makes the particular device attached with the technique of podcasting, it can obtain, listen, watch and save the free content from internet. Thus it is a beneficial way to enjoy the online content in an offline mode. In simpler words, podcasting is a kind of webcasting which is named so because of the inclusion of an ipod device. An improved way of podcasting is called enhance podcasting. This mode of webcasting consists of an easier way to display the files in the personal device. It is designed in the way that all the important information and notifications are displayed in a single window. In this way, they can be seen easily. Moreover, the process is beneficial regarding the display of exclusive video clippings, slide shows, audio visual files and latest news.

A podcast can also be subjected to the affiliation of more than one member in the network. All the members of a podcast can update the content of the device whenever required. In this way, the technology is a matter of interest for a community in the form of all the latest and important updates.