What Is a Polynomial

Polynomial is an algebraic expression which is a combination of constants and the variables. The numbers like 1,2, -3 are the constants and the variables are x, y, and so on. Both of these combine to form a polynomial, which literally means many terms. Thus polynomials can be of more than one term. It is sums or groups of monomials.

  • Monomial has only one term as 3x or -3×2 or simple 3
  • Binomial is two terms as -5y2 3, or 8x-7×2 
  • Trinomial is 3 terms as -5×2 3 4x or 7y+2-3×2 

An important point to note is variables can never have square roots and division; but they do have addition, subtraction and multiplication.

Importance of Polynomial

Advanced maths is based on the calculation of Polynomials and they make a major part of mathematical calculation especially in high school studies. Students need to get the fundamentals clear, as this is the basis on which scientific research and other mathematical operations is done. This takes over the commercial mathematics and is termed as scientist or researchers’ tools.

The polynomial expression aids in complicated calculation of infinite numbers about which there is no established fact.

How to get Polynomial expressions clear

To get help and guidance in Polynomial expression, one can hire a tutor either online or can call home. There are even special classes organised to help the students who are facing problem with polynomials.

There are tutorials and complete explanation of the theory in the most conversant and the simple language for students to grasp the subject and get rid of the fear. There is no need to get nervous and call up the helpline numbers which are available at different sites and get the help on polynomials to clear your fundamentals.

There is also online coaching available for the high school students with various sites. Polynomials are fun, if you have understood it and if not they will forever bother you and erode your confidence.

Through internet you would learn a lot and progress to multiplication, subtraction and addition of polynomials without any difficulty. If you want to learn more about polynomials and fight the fear, you can check on the sites which are online tutorials and step by step guidance into the world of polynomials, starting from equation to expression to calculation of polynomials.

Internet is full of various types of explanation on polynomials and you would be able to fight all your fears by going online.


Polynomial is a part of Algebra and is studies in the high school. Students are first introduced to this algebraic concept in the high school and it goes on to become tougher with each passing level. It is important to clear basics of polynomials at the starting level, so that a student does not face any problem in the higher grade. There are various sites which has complied excellent tutorial class for the topic and you can learn about it without any problem by going to any of the sites which share information on mathematical concepts and theories.