What is a Pop-Up Camper

For all the enthusiastic and recreational travel loving people, the advent of “pop-up camper” is a big gift. Camping around places with your own closed set up of tent with beds, kitchen and rest room is definitely an unbeatable experience. “Pop-up camper” is one such invention which is ideal for camping by making your experience more convenient, safe, thrilling and all the more make you feel at- home. Pop-up camper as the name suggests is a collapsible recreational vehicle (RV) which could be easily transported and which could be opened and set up very easily into a camping tent with a large amount of interior space for staying. The existence of pop- up cameras in the name of “tent-trailer” has been since 1930s and 40s.

The “pop-up camper” which pops up into a camping tent belongs to the family of towed recreational vehicle which comes in various styles fitting your preference. The large living space that they offer and the affordable price they are available in are the biggest advantages of choosing a pop-up camper for related recreational purposes. Let’s look at the salient features in the angle of advantages of using them-

  • Pop-up camper is a low profile and a very light weighted vehicle which makes towing easier and hence the fuel consumption in transporting them is very less when compared to take other RVs.
  • Generally such campers come only in a small size (when collapsed and packed) making it convenient to store inside the house which means a special storage is not required.
  • These are soft-side campers which are designed in a way for you to hear and enjoy the various natural sounds like singing of birds, babbling stream etc in midst of a natural green environment.
  • The various features available within the camper like stove, oven, refrigerator, sink, water heater, shower, toilet, waste water tank, battery charger, mattress, stereo system, TV, curtains for privacy and DC power system to just name a few. Yes, this is not the complete list. This is definitely exciting and one will not miss staying at home isn’t it?
  • Price is one of the best factors which could tempt anyone to own a pop-up camper. These campers are very reasonably priced making them one of the popular purchases among the campers who have a passion for camping and an eye on the budget as well.

Inspite of such attractive and tempting features, pop-up campers are not completely free from disadvantages which include poor resistance to heavy winds that could rock a camper, the tiresome process of setting up and winding of campers and they might also lack in privacy due to soft-side walls.

With drawbacks not being too many, pop-up camper is any day preferable for, it is economical and could be collapsed to a very small size which is not available in other recreational vehicles.