What is a Powdered Wig

People of 18th century were very fond of artificial hair or wigs and liked to wear different types of wigs. One of the wigs that were popular in almost all developed countries was powdered wigs. Powdered wigs were made just like normal wigs are made but the only uniqueness of this wig was that hairs of this wig were of white color. Wigs are made of out some common materials like animal’s hair, generally horse’s hair and various things which are used for binding. As you can’t ever see any horse having white hair, hairs that were bonded in the wig was colored using a special powder and hence it was called powdered wig.

Wig that is made up of horse’s hair needs craftsmanship because it needs to be perfectly arranged and it should be done in such a way that hairs can’t change its position even in strong wind. Powdered wig was made in such a way that it suited the clothing of a party wear and a formal wear. It had perfect curls and waves which made the wig look nice and were like an excellent hairstyle for parties and offices. Hence, powdered wigs were called as a helmet by some people because it was almost like a helmet which is an artificial headwear for people.

Powdered white wigs were made for men as well as for women. Discussing about the white wig for women first, it was made for women who wanted to represent that they belong to high society. Women used to wear it when they went for any royal parties or formal ball or any other high-standard parties because it provided a royal and proud look to their image. Women increased its show by putting a garland or feather in this white wig. On the other hand, men’s white wig can be categorized into two parts i.e. formal white wigs and informal white wigs. Formal white wig had lots of curls and waves and usually were long in size as it ended in shoulder starting from covering the head. Informal white wig were made in a simpler form and had less curls which reflected simplicity of people but in a smart manner.

Powdered wigs were used in United Kingdom as an official wear for members of the parliament in 1800’s. But as the time passed, craze and fashion for powdered wigs degraded by mid 19th century and very few people used to afford it. It was removed from the official wear of maximum countries. Powdered wig was replaced by colored wigs which has fair demand in today’s world.

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