What Is a Power Suit

Men and women have used power suit in order to look smart and an up to date person since few decades. Power suits have represented the wearer’s choice of clothes and standard of living. Before we proceed further it is important to discuss what power suit is actually. Hence, power suit is the big-shouldered suit which is of dark color usually. It was used by men as well as women in 1980’s as a formal wear because it represented authority and confidence. Its idea came from a movie named “Working Girl” which was released in the year 1988. In this movie, the girl got a haircut to small hairs and then wore this type of suit when she started working in an office.

After this movie, this fashion was widely popular and people loved to wear power suit when they went to office or any formal party. But the use of power suit degraded in 1990’s as most of the people that it has become very popular due to which every person has started wearing it. In other words, people stopped wearing it because it was too common in that decade. It was worn by men and women in advertising and graphic design in 1980’s but in 1990’s these people shifted their preference from official look to casual look. In 1990’s power suit was used as an informal wear rather than an official wear.

Men and women wore similar power suits but however there were some differences in their dress. The similarities were the color and the basic suit whereas the differences were the lower wear and inner wear. Discussing the similarity first, its color included black, navy blue, dark brown and charcoal grey. Suit had a solid and narrow pinstripe pattern. Shoes, belts, and other accessories were also similar.

When differences are taken into consideration, women’s lower wear consisted of a simple skirt and suit was worn with a blouse. Blouse was designed in such a manner that it softens the stripes of suit and blouse also had design in collar. On the other hand, power suit for men consisted of normal dark colored suit and simple trousers which reflected smartness and formal representation. Power suit for men changed with time and in recent days, men prefer white shirt, dark colored suit and coordinated trousers, black leather shoes and silk tie. Women’s skirt also changed as women generally prefer trousers or smaller skirts in recent days. But one thing that is still similar is the quality of power suit as this suit is made up of good quality fabric and workmanship.