What Is a Press Kit

What is a Press KitA press kit which is more commonly known as a media kit is a kit that is prepared in advance to be given to the media or the press for promotional purposes. It is a marketing concept and has become very common in the recent past. The kits can be prepared for a person, for an organization or a particular album. It basically helps in communicating the media about the person, organization or the album in a concise manner.

The main aim of the press kit is the same as any other marketing concept, to grab the attention of the customers. The press kit should act as a resume of the company. It should be able to give a gist of the company, its progress and the performance in one look. Not only for the customers and the media, it is also useful for the investors as well as the stake holders.

The contents of the press kits should be such that it grabs attention in one go, it should leave a print on the minds of the viewers and force them to get back to the company. The press kit need not have all the information in detail. The contact details of the company should mentioned and the people interested can contact them on the contact information.

The contents of a press kit may vary from situation to situation and company to company. What all needs to go into the kit will show how successful the press kit has been. In general the press kit will contain a historical background of the company, a fact sheet of the company that contains the statistical data, benefits etc of the company. Besides these common documents the kit can have biographies of the famous people associated with the company, their achievements can be highlighted along with the achievements of the company and the past press releases of the company.

Besides this photographs and pictures of the company that have been published in the past can be given. These help in building the interaction and the brand image of the company. The other important details to be mentioned are the contact information of the concerned person. A CD or DVD about the situation when the press kit is being given and last but not the least it can have the secondary advertising products such a pamphlet or a postcard.

The press kit is generally in given in the events such as product launch, news conference, mergers and acquisitions of the company, new company launch or a business or trade fair where the company wants a promotional event for the company.