What is a Prion

An idea about the most infectious agent who lacks on the nucleic acid which is basically for reproduction met skepticism in the initial phase, when this though was intended and planned in 60s, as such kind of the process was never observed earlier. On the other hand, the self replicating agent which is based on the nucleic acid  are better examined and understood by the process of self replication which is among the prions is regarded as the mystery till now. The Prions which are found in the body of animals have the capability to infect brain exclusively, and so they are considered as fatal and they cannot be treated. The Prions are generally found in the fungi; however, instead of damaging it, they generally play a role which is well symbiotic in the immunity system of the fungi’s.

The Prions are also held responsible for the disease of the Mad Cow  in Britain in the early years, that has destructed several  livestock, it has also caused the international tension and worry which is regarding the high chances about the disease which is disbursing from animals in the body of humans. The Prion protein has not been left isolated till the year 1982, at the time when it was discovered and name the term by Stanley B. Prusiner. Stanley B. Prusiner was then awarded with Nobel Prize in the stream of physiology and the medicine somewhere in year 1997 for this wonderful and remarkable discovery and invention.

The Prions are also accountable for the disease which is included in the grade which is called as spongiform encephalopathy which can be transmitted easily as the scientific name which is given to the disease of Mad Cow is known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy. This disease is basically named since it leads to the mind of victim which further degenerate in the consistency which is moreover like a sponge.

Generally all the prions cannot be transmissible trough the species, however the different scenarios of contracting the version of humans and so this disease is known as v CJD which is also reported, as it has caused few deaths which has occurred in the UK. The reports which has caused the terror all through the world is accompanying by the disease of Mad Cow.  After its outbreak, there are many instances which are reported because of the Prion infection. Especially  the non vegetarian industries or the industry which makes and sells meat in USA have terribly suffered at the time when the news of this disease was outspread in several countries including the shores of America, even though there is a very small probability and chances of the bovine Prion which infects the human being.

Hence, it can be concluded that Prion is the inorganic agent or self replicating agent that is extremely transmittable that comprises of protein. Prion also has the ability of reproduction with the separate assistance of genetic apparatus and mechanism of host that is like virus.  Basically, Prion is acronym of the Proteinaceous which is the contagious particle.