What is a Proctologist

A proctologist is the professional who specializes in treating diseases related to colon, rectum and anus. He works with several other professionals in order to treat some other diseases related to these organs.

As science is a vast stream, being doctor is the aim of many students who choose this stream in high school. But when one starts planning to be a doctor he needs to think that what type of doctor does he wants to be because there are tremendous numbers of division in doctors. Proctology is one of the divisions that come in this category. The word “Proctology” is derived from two Greek words i.e. “proktos” and “logy” which means rear quarter and study respectively so proctology is the study of diseases of colon, rectum and anus. Hence, a person who specializes in the treatment of diseases related to anus, colon and rectum is called a Proctologist.

Though a proctologist specializes in some areas yet he has to work with gynecologist in order to treat a woman who has specifically female issues. He also works with a gastroenterologist in order to treat the diseases related to gut. Apart from these, he also works with urologist who handles the urogenital tracts in men and urinary tract of women. At the time of his course, he sees and practices on different types of conditions so that he can handle any patient with similar problem in future without any hesitation.

Problems like hemorrhoids and mild constipation are basic so these problems are generally treated by general practitioner. Proctologist checks and treats those patients who have any severe problems in the areas in which he specializes. Patients generally consult a proctologist when he/she needs a surgery or any treatment which cannot be treated by a general practitioner. Sometimes, when a practitioner sees that the problem of the patient is severe and he will not be able to treat it; he sends that patient to the proctologist so that the patient can get proper treatment under his supervision. In this case, the general practitioner should not feel embarrassing to refer a proctologist as his main aim should be to treat the disease of that patient. Proctologists have contact with some hospitals and doctors too so sometimes they advice the patient to contact them for the treatment of their disease. When this is done, the patient should not feel shy to disclose the problem which is felt because treatment cannot be fully accurate until all the information is known by a proctologist.

Students who want to be a proctologist need to focus on studies since his childhood because this is not at all an easy course. Students must practice mathematics and study biology in his high school. This will help him to study and know things without much difficulty in doing proctology and become proctologist.

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