What Is a Project Coordinator

The dictionary defines project as “an individual or collaborative enterprise that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim”. Coordinator is described as “a person who brings the different elements of (a complex activity or organization) into a harmonious or efficient relationship”. Thus a project coordinator is a person who is responsible for bringing the different activities of an enterprise that is planning to achieve a particular aim.

The work profile of a Project Coordinator is mostly a step below that of the project head and this may be understood to be subset of work of a Project Manager. The primary responsibility of a project coordinator is to ensure that the project and all the processes that are related smooth and efficient running of the project are in sync with each other. Project co-coordinator comes in handy for following tasks which are key to achievement of objectives.

Coordination will ensure good time management.

The human resources which come from varied background and work culture tend to have friction come in between which can slow the speed of the project. A good coordinator will ensure that this does not occur and all runs smoothly between the human resources.

When reorganization of the teams occurs then the coordinator is in the best position to ensure the best pairing which ensures faster and smoother work flow. Having closely worked with all people the coordinator knows the members of teams well and knows the strength and weaknesses of all and thus can match the skill sets of members with the teams.

The coordinator is the single point of contact for information flowing from various aspects/departments to the other departments and is thus aware of the developments of all aspects. Being a single point he also reduces and possibly removes any miscommunication or misdirection of flow of information.

A person who is looking to be a project coordinator needs the following skills and knowledge:-

Should ideally have a degree in Engineering or equivalent combinations of technical training plus hands on experience in the field. Along with this he should be proficient in software usage of the associated softwares and modules. In other words high computer literacy is warranted.

He should also be willing to take responsibility and to act as an interface between various units and for this he needs effective communication.

The Project Coordinator role may be seen as being similar to an expediter, but the coordinator has limited authority. The project coordinator reports to project manager or someone higher on the management chain. In terms of authority it is limited to seeking information.

In large scale project management environments, the project coordinator dedicates time to managing projects and assisting the project manager.