What is a Proxy Server

Process of Proxy Server

The proxy server assesses the requests made by the client to provide certain services on other server like a file, a web page, a connection etc. while seeking resources there, as per its filtering rules. After validation of the request through filters, proxy server connects the client with the appropriate server and requests on the behalf of the client about the services required by the client. A proxy server act variably occasionally as it may provide the services needed by the client without consulting the particular server and severally it changes the response of the other server or the request made by the client.

Proxy Server allows anonymity

Almost all the proxy servers which are used publicly permit the user to access the websites without disclosing the type of your browser, your IP address and other main informations to the visited website. But it could not be misunderstood that you can act anonymously on internet, doing whatever you wish. In fact, the informations about the client remain blocked with the proxy server and not supplied to the visited website. Thus your information alongwith your request to avail services on other server remains collected with the proxy server for records. Severally requests made by the proxy servers to visit the sites can be refused by other servers, if they knew the identity of the requesting server as proxy server.

Benefits of proxy server

Proxy servers, popularly known as Firewall, are the linking computers between the client and other server to make a connection among both the programs. Proxy server can be used in many ways as it can relies the load of the server and helps in speeding up the traffic on the network by catching the used files and pages on the network. It also serves as filter or censor between client and other server to stop the user to use improper websites. Proxy server scrutinizes and removes the harmful files or spyware to avoid them adversely affecting the client. It also hides the informations about the client from other server and anonymity to some extent is provided to the client.

Finding open proxy servers

While finding the open proxies yo need not explore the huge lists of IP addresses as the lists of open proxies are available with search engines like Google. The open proxies are regularly updated by the servers. These proxy servers usually keep themselves hidden to be used openly by the public. You can move through various proxy servers with the regular support of various programs available on internet, protected by these programs through the chains of proxies.

Thus, a proxy server can serve you as a link between you and other servers for connecting you after evaluating your request to link you with them.