What is a Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who is specialized in mental health. They have got specialization in treating the physical and mental factors responsible for mental illness like anxiety and depression. They are trained in its diagnosis, prevention and treatment. A psychiatrist should have done his MD or DO degree from a good medical school. He has to clear the United States Medical Licensing Exam in order to get a license to practice medicine. Specialization then takes 3-4 years to complete. Psychiatrists are the only medical people who can prescribe medicine for mental health. Other therapists like psychologists should not be confused with psychiatrists. Many psychiatrists are able to provide therapy too as they are specialized in that too. When you visit a psychiatrist, he/she can perform various exams in order to know your mental and physical health.

It can include interviews, your medical history etc. They will ask you various questions to know the mental or emotional disorders. The discussion between the doctor and the patient should be frank and honest so that the doctor can easily diagnose the illness. You can visit him if you have any kind of mental problem like depression, panic attacks, hearing voices, stress and anxiety. He will diagnose the cause of the problem and will provide you the right treatment. They should be well experienced to know the mental state of the patient. Their study enables them to understand the complex and different state of mind of the different people. He can provide you the treatment like psychotherapy, medication etc. psychotherapy is talk therapy in which the doctor diagnose and treats the patient by talking to him. The main aim of the discussion is to know the problem of the patient and it helps to know the thinking of the patient. It can be performed with the individual, his family or in a group. Medication includes certain medication which is used to cure the patient’s problem. It is often used in combination with psychotherapy. Other treatments can include electroconvulsive therapy (CET) which involves applying electrical current to the brain and is mostly used when the patient does not respond to the other treatments. Various other techniques are there to cure different mental disorders depending on the duration of the illness and the cause of the problem. You should always consult with a doctor who is an expert and has got extensive training in his field. It will help you to get better quickly.

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