What Is a Purity Ring

Using a purity ring has come into practice only during the last 25years or so. It is form of declaration by people generally women that they intend to preserve their virginity and remain chaste. It is a warning to dating partners that they cannot expect more than good companionship when they are together even alone.

This method has been actively promoted by certain Christian groups as a form of celibacy by remaining a virgin. The origin of this measure may however be a few years earlier but active promotion has been a feature of recent times.  Earlier, women wearing purity rings were doing so in a symbolic gesture of getting married to Jesus Christ. The practice of wearing purity ring is more common among women but there is nothing to prevent men also doing the same thing.

As an indication about the purpose of the ring it is generally worn on the left ring finger. If the person gets married the purity ring may be replaced by marriage ring. Not all people discontinue wearing the purity ring especially if the bride and groom happen to be wearers.In such cases instead of throwing it away they may exchange the rings.

Wearing a purity ring is equivalent to making a pledge to god to remain chaste till marriage. An argument for purity ring is that wearing it is a guarantee that a boy and girl who intend to marry will remain chaste till marriage function is over. This solemn vow is therefore taken in elaborate ceremonies in front of family and friends. Though called a ring, the term purity is only symbolic and the wearer may use a bracelet or a necklace or a similar jewelry.

Some of these pledging events may be grand balls where the father may gift the purity ring to his daughter. Parents usually do not give cheap stuff as gifts to their children and therefore some purity rings may be quite expensive gold rings with elaborate designs. If the intention of the wearer is to wear it a long time it has got to be quite strong also to last for as long as necessary.

People fussy about etiquette object to this form of declaring one’s chastity, their point is that your personal life including sex is no one else’s business and there s no need for advertisement about personal living. Yet others are of the view that purity ring also gives recognition to the fact that a person does not become abnormal if sexually not active. People who by circumstances break their wow remove the purity ring and orthodox Christian families feel a sense of shame.