What Is a Quality Control Manager

A quality control manager works in different spheres of production environment and assists in maintaining the control standards. His work starts from sampling the production, analyzing it and finally making recommendations in regards to the improvement of quality standards.  It is not case of any single company. Quality control managers are employed in each and every company of the world. The main objective of a quality control manager is to ensure the quality of product or service.


Quality control managers play a key role in the success of company. Let us discuss how. A company is called as successful, when the product or service of a particular company sells. Now, just think, why you drink your favorite cola all the time, when there are dozens of colas available in the market? It is because of the quality of your cola. Each and every product or service sells because of the quality of the product or service. Now we can arrive at a conclusion that quality managers play a great role in determining the success of a company.


The quality managers come into the play from the very beginning stage of production, which is at the time of procuring the raw materials for manufacturing the product. The procurement of raw materials is done under the strict supervision of the quality managers. Thereafter, the quality managers check the quality of the product at each and every step of the manufacturing. Before hitting the sales rack the quality of the product is finally checked by the quality control manager. In most of the products, you will find a label stating that ‘quality checked’. The label is placed after the last phase of quality checking.


Though, quality checking is must and crucial in case the manufacturing of each and every product; however, in case of some products, the quality control process is very important. Think of medicines or any food products. If the quality of a medicine is slightly altered, then that could be a cause of one’s death.


As we have discussed above, the responsibility of a quality control manager starts at the time of procurement of raw materials. He has to check the quality of the raw materials and thereafter he has to make sure that the each of the manufacturing process is getting done, in the way it should be. He has to monitor the quality of the product at each and every step, till the end.


The quality control manager is solely responsible for the quality of the product with his team members. If the there is any fault found in the quality of the product, then he would be solely responsible for that and at the same time, he also has to chalk out plans to improve the quality of the product.