What is a RAR file

Roshal ARchive was named after the surname of its inventor, Eugene Roshal, a software engineer fromRussia, which is licensed and registered under the name of win.rar GmbH these days. .rar is the file extension name, for a set of data volume, of RAR and .rev for a set of recovery volume. Earlier .rar, .roo, .ro1, .ro2 etc. were given the extension names to the RAR files which were splited from one RAR archive. These versions were used by the archivers in order to make similar files for recovering errors while utilizing storage media and imperfect file transmission like that of satellite transmission, optical discs and newsgroups.

Software used to decode RAR files

winRAR and RAR are the softwares that are used for the commercial use of RAR files which was permitted by Alexender Roshal, brother of the inventor of RAR, and only Pocket PC version of RAR is provided free to make RAR files. RAR program, invented by Roshal, had facilitated the packing as well as unpacking the data of large sized files, originally made to be operated on Windows, has now been upgraded to be operated on various other platforms like Mac OS X, OS/2, DOS, FreeBSD and Linux.

There are several third party softwares that can allow to ‘read only’ the RAR files such as RarZilla, ALZip, IZArc, PowerArchiver and WinZip are used in Windows, 7-Zip used in multiplatform, Zipeg in Windows, Mac OS X and PeaZip  in Windows and Linux operating systems. Zipeg, StuffIt Expander, UnRarX, and The Unarchiver are certain other softwares that can beused by the users of Mac OS X and UnRAR by the users of FreeBSD and Linux OS.

Among other softwares to be used with RAR files, released by the unrarlib, the decompressed library of free softwares, are based on old versions of unrar which can be used to decompress RAR files to 2.x version. RAR 2.9 version was later on created by the archives to decompress the RAR files, which was not supported by the unrarlib. Stuffit Expander and RAR Extract Frog softwares are also used to decode RAR files.

The unrar license had approved the plug-ins for 7-Zip which is used as open source software to decompress new RAR files but this software is not available for free use. Ark, Xarchiver and File Roller are the software, used by archivers of Linux if found in the system path, are non-free unrar program to decompress RAR files. Archivers of Microsoft Windows had developed another software, using .NET Framework, Sharp IMG Viewer which can be used to decompress RAR and other formats of compressed files.

Thus, RAR files are the suitable software that can be used to compress the large sized data files that have to be transmitted for removing errors or transferred to other medium of communication.