What is a Rave

A rave is a type of dance party which had its origin from the acid house parties where live disc jockeys and live performers used to play music and people would go there to socialize and dance. In the late 1950’s British referred raves to the wild bohemian parties. But true rave parties actually didn’t begin till the 1980s.A rave might be legally allowed or maybe not depending upon the location where it is being held and the various activities associated with it. Rave is generally semi-spontaneous events, with announcement circulated virally through a closed network and not publically. It is true that many raves are legally held, though activities at a rave do at times cross into illegality when kids are served alcohol and drugs.

The early rave movement in a lot of countries was the use of ecstasy. Not everyone at the early raves used the drugs but a lot of theme did which started a trend that led to association of rave to drugs and alcohol. Today’s raves, legal or not are marked by not only the use of ecstasy put also of other drugs like methamphetamines, cocaine, and hallucinogens. Concern also exists about the use of date rape drugs at raves. Given the dark and loud atmosphere of most rave parties, it is fairly easy to spike a drink. There are therefore rules for attending raves to protect safety.

The rave party is not marked by violence, actually fairly uncommon at rave events. As an outgrowth of the hippy movement and the acid subculture, the rave is more likely to emphasize acceptance of other people’s behavior, a shared love of electronic music, and a desire for fun. Ironically, the popularity of the rave and its acceptance in the general culture has led to more violent events than those previously existing in illegal raves.

Parents were certainly right to be concerned about their teens’ safety at raves since drug dealers often prowled them. Sometimes parents organize safe raves and dance parties for children, and parties that last through the night are common for high school graduation events. Only graduating seniors are allowed to attend, and they are not allowed to leave during a Grad Night event.

For safety purposes, it’s a good idea to mind any drinks you consume at a rave, and to have a buddy when you use the bathroom. If you leave a drink unattended, throw it out and do not accept a drink from anyone you do not know well. Never leave the rave with someone you don’t know, and if friends plan to drink, do designate a driver. Be sure to keep a cellphone handy and have an emergency contact if your designated driver doesn’t follow the rules.

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