What Is a Republican

A republican is a serious follower or advocate of the republic country and its principle values. The governmental form should not be a monarchy just like the dictatorship. The governmental policies should be associated towards standard set of republicanism rule of laws. Republicanism in general could be referred as the ideology that would greatly support the republics and the republicans and it is strictly against the dictatorship or the monarchial rule. Republican could otherwise be referred as the member of the party for the republicans.

Policies of the republicans essentially focus upon the people welfare and focus upon curtailing the domination of any individual superior power to claim authority over the people. The Nazism of hilter or communism in the Russian is all rivals of the republican principles. Nazism or the communism could not agree and supported by one and all of the communities just because of the very reason that they are not in favor of all the classes of people. Whereas, a democratic country which is otherwise, called as the republic country is free from any kind of such clusters. There are no individual opinions to be followed strictly. There is no military rule to threaten the people with repressive measures. There is no imperialism.

Instead of all the above mentioned there will be legislation and federal laws to govern the people’s welfare in a republic country. It is the sole responsibility of every other republican to ensure that the people of his republic are treated without any inequality. It is extremely important for a republican to ensure that every community under his jurisdiction is living a comfortable life without any pressure created just because of the legislature bills and amendments.

If in case any of the rules and regulations implemented is going to affect a specific community, then it is the sole responsibility of the republican to represent the contradiction that had happened. A clear cut presentation is made to the legislative assembly members about the affected individual or the community and the needed action that is to be taken. Immediately the changes in the amendment or made according to the decisions taken by the legislative assembly members regarding the issue.

The power of the republican is such that they can make changes quite effectively and instantly to safeguard the interests of the common man. This power and authority are sometimes taken for granted by some of the key players in the society. They are taking advantage of the trust and credibility and use it for their personal gain to secure illegal wealth of infinite proportions. there are so many live examples that could be quoted of such happenings in the recent past, in so many developed and under developed countries. It is quite pathetic that people tend to be erroneous to totally deform the structure of the society as a whole. At the end of the day, the most affected people are those who are in the tertiary layers of the society. They are deprived of their actual wealth and happiness that they do deserve for their sheer hard work and labor.