What Is a Research Paper

This is also called scholarly papers written by academicians. These are usually published in journals and it consists of original research made by the writer. A research paper is not about any subject but it is about a thesis on a particular research topic. It presents the results of the investigation done by the writer that is based in his or her own ideas and thoughts. It included a whole lot of experience in assembling, interpreting and putting them in black and white.

The writer of these research papers are usually students doing their university level doctoral studies.  Often they confuse the outlook of essay with that of a research paper. But the research paper need to be more organized so that it is presentable and easily understood. The most common parts of any research paper consist of six parts which is briefly discussed below.

Introduction: this is as normal as any other traditional research paper were in the student will give an introduction to the topic he or she has selected. Here it is necessary to give details about the issue the student has taken for his or her research.

Thesis report: many universities ask the students to differentiate the introduction part from the thesis report. This enables them to have a clear view about the issue that the student has opted for research.

Prose overview: sometimes this is also referred to as literature overview, were the student will actually discuss the research paper’s catalog. Here the student has to give detailed information about the topic selected. Depth of the research is more important here.

Methods used: here very vital questions need to be answered; the main questions are listed below:

  • What are the methods and tools are used in the research?
  • What approach the student is going use to study his or her subject?
  • Why that is the student chose this method to carry out a detailed research on the topic?

Final conclusion: here the student has to summarize the findings of his or her research. This has to connect precisely with that stated in the thesis report. In this section if the student had conducted a quantitative research then it is wise for him or her to provide numerical data to support the report.

References: a research paper cannot be concluded without the reference lists. Here the writer has to provide all the sources that they referred including page number and authors name if they have taken references from books.

Some universities have a strict formatting for research papers, usually all American Universities recommend the use of APA, MLA and Chicago formats. The students should adhere to these formats very strictly; otherwise the research paper will not be accepted. Though the student has made a fantastic research paper, but if it not up to the mark then there will be no takers for it.