What is a Resignation Letter

Resignation letter or letter of resignation is a formal written intimation by employee to employer or immediate boss or supervisor that he/she has decided to quit the company. Unlike letter of appointment, resignation letter also stands as a legal document in the employment cycle. It is quite obvious that anyone can decide to quit their services to certain company they are working in, may be for several reasons like stress built up due to multitasking, lacks growth, job dissatisfaction, improper supervisor instructions, environment, low pay scale and high demand in work, lack of self-sufficiency and esteem, no trained development plan, lack of reward and recognition systems, no health security plans and many more like this.

A clause in the appointment letter says “that if an employee decides to terminate the employment with his/her own will and accord, they should provide one week’s calendar notice during probation and one month’s calendar notice when confirmed”. Consequently, employees are intended to terminate their services with advance notice. From then their relieving procedure follows. However resignation letter can be sent either by email, messages through mobile or pager, it is always enforced to be handed over in person with acknowledgement as this stands as a legal document. Most of the potential employees will be retained in exit process by understanding their problems and resolve their issues. At the same time, few resignations are accepted on the spot and relieved them immediately with final settlement. Everything depends on the relationship between the employee and the employer.

Factors to be mentioned in a resignation letter:

Mention your name, email address and contact information that includes your number and communication address. Clearly state the reason to leave. Be precise and positive while stating the reason. Next follows the notice period, where in you have to compel number of days notice to be relieved from duties and responsibilities. Always provide sufficient time for replacement. Subsequently you can describe your performance and positive results during your time with the company. Nevertheless take pleasure to thank your employer for being served this company for number of months or years. Finally, acknowledge your letter. Good riddance is always advisable. Keep options open for rehiring. That’s why this letter should be just a professional declaration of why exactly you want to terminate your services from the company. Be assertive as hawkish letters pricks the sentiment and cause expensive adverse relieving formalities like settlement of claims.

So it is always advised to keep this resignation letter to be written with positive experiences and this will be maintained in personnel file throughout.

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