What is a Root Canal

Oral care is one of important and critical care involving hygiene, cavity and repair of the teeth in human body. Any problem with your teeth affects the overall health and hinders the day to day activities in a large way. Dentistry is that branch of medicine which deals completely with the functioning and problems relating to your teeth. Any oral cavity is diagnosed, treated and preventive measures suggested by a trained dentist. Oral diseases could be prevented to a large extent by following the advice of a dentist on hygiene and maintenance factors.

Let’s understand the anatomy of our tooth for better understanding of the problems that might affect the tooth. The space from the center, inside the tooth is known as pulp chamber which runs down till the tip of the root called root canal. This chamber consists of a network of cells and nerves called the pulp which keeps the tooth alive. At the lower end of the tooth, a small opening paves way for the nerves and blood cells to connect with the main cells of the jawbone. Each kind of tooth has different number of canals like molar teeth comes with two to four canals, premolars with one to two canals and incisors generally has one canal. There are accessory canals which might branch out from the main canal.

In many cases where a problem occurs with the root canal begins from the preliminary issues like infection of pulp which is result of deep tooth decay which has been left untreated or a cracked tooth or a severe injury in the tooth. This infection might further lead to formation of pus which accumulates over a period and becomes an abscess in the root canal where the tooth joins the jawbone. This not only gives an unbearable pin but also leads to affect the jawbone. Here comes root canal treatment to fix the problem.

Root canal treatment is done over a series of steps which might span over few sittings.

  • The first and the foremost step is to make an opening from the back of a front tooth or from the crown of a molar or premolar tooth through which the infected pulp is analyzed and removed.
  • Once the pulp is removed, the chamber and the canals are cleaned and necessary shaping is done to do the filling.
  • Further the chamber and the root canal is permanently filled with a rubbery material which is termed as gutta- percha, and is inserted into each canal and sealed with cement meant for such purpose. Additionally a plastic or a metal rod is also placed to give a support to the structure but not always.
  • Finally a crown is placed over the tooth to give a natural appearance and shape.

Considering oral care as an important role in health care, never delay in making regular dentistry visits whenever required for a longer and better life of your tooth.