What is a Running Club

Running is a good workout for body which can build muscle, improves cardio vascular health, lower the cholesterol, and can help one loose weight. The best part about running is one does not need any expensive equipments or gear. In order to achieve their fitness goals, many people are taking up running. Though running is a solo sport; group running has numerous benefits and that is why more and more running clubs are being formed in cities the world over. 

Members of a running club or a group usually come together because of their single underlying interest; and that is, running. A specific running club can focus on one type of running or on a level of runners’ expertise. Besides coming together for a fitness and health goal, running groups or clubs can organize social functions too.

Running with others can improve performance, expand the social circle and gets rid of the boredom and monotony that some runners feel while running alone. By joining a running club or a group, one gets to meet other like- minded people from all walks of life. Through a running club, beginners can learn a lot from running members. Besides, running club also gives an opportunity to its members to socialize and build contacts, which can even help professionally.

A running club may just focus on training for road running events like Marathons, half marathons, or a smaller 10 K or 5K runs. While some clubs allow amateur runners as well as advanced runners; others focus on only advanced ones. In order to develop a culture of running in an area, a running club may be open to all kinds of people, from all age groups where jogging, walking and running are all permitted.

Purpose of a running club is to impart training to beginners and tips to run long distances. These clubs can organize monthly or weekly training or practice runs and competitions in their area. Some camping trips or excursions can also be planned which involves running too.

A well established running club usually has a website where all the information about events can be acquired. The website usually is self explanatory and informative for others to judge whether they want to join the club or not. There is a provision for volunteers to sign up at the website for upcoming events.

A running club in the same area or community can encourage families, housewives, senior citizens and youngsters to experience the advantages of running or jogging. Regardless of the age, running is an activity that anyone can take up.