What is a Satchel

The satchel is just one pattern of bag for carrying light to medium scale of heavy items. It consists of specific type of strap that’s very long lasting and crosses the body diagonally. Therefore, the strap doesn’t get so much stress on it. The satchel bag usually sticks to the hip reverse to the shoulder it’s hanging on. It means it doesn’t hang directly downwards from the shoulder like conventional bags available in the market. Those conventional bags are generally for carrying the books whereas the satchel ones are diverse range of purposes.

The prime difference between the conventional briefcases and the satchel ones is satchel bags have the straps whereas the briefcase doesn’t have any such straps. The satchel bag came in existence during 17th century and became so much popular as the most admired fashion item. Many ancient famous poets of English literature imagined it as the associated phase of the image of a traditional English Schoolboy. Shakespeare, the world famous English dramatist even mentioned the satchel bag in one of his dramas. Moreover, Jack Bauer often carried it with him. Indiana Jones gave it an imperative role in his traditional outfit along with his well-acclaimed whip and hat. Jennifer Eccles, the world famous singer, mentioned satchel in her song.

Alan Garner, the important character of the movie, named “The Hangover”, got the term satchel in one of his dialogues in that film. The same movie has shown us Indiana Jones wearing the satchel. Actually, the movie has introduced us to the root village bag. Thereafter, roots released a comparatively larger bag in the market, named Satchel. Nevertheless, it’s true that the basic design of village bag and satchel are not similar with the conventional satchel ones.

Nowadays, the satchels have become so much popular among the masses across the globe due to it’s diverse range of usages. Students can use it for carrying books, messengers can carry letters in it, and even IT professionals can easily carry their laptops with the help of satchel.

The satchels have the cotton canvas as it’s material unlike traditional briefcases and other conventional laptop carrying bags. It doesn’t have any zip feature for closing it rather it has the snap closure for helping the users to open it on top. Due to the snap closure, users can hang it loosely therefore, it doesn’t stress out the shoulder. Satchels haven’t the wide usages as message-carrying bags due to it have easily opened snap closure along with unsafe features. Moreover, book bags don’t require any tight zip as we always desire to collect books easily but conversely it’s also true that unsafe zipping can cause loosing the books. Therefore, the satchel in this context can be appropriate as it generates loose zipping obviously with little bit of unsafe carrying feature.

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