What is a Search Engine

A Search Engine is an online tool which helps the users in finding the web sites or the information which they are looking for. The users of the World Wide Web find it easy to search the information on a search engine then remembering or going through each and every Web site related to their need. Some famous search engines are of Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc…

A user needs to enter the keywords related to the type of information he or she needs to have and in return the search engine provides a number of links of the websites which are related to the search the user has made. Keywords can be a single word or can be a phrase which is written in the search box of the search engine. The searches can also be refined as now almost every search engine has a number of functionalities in it. For e.g. If a user wants to see a image related to his or her search, then he or she can select the image option which is already provided in most of the search engines or if a user wants to go through some news which was published in his or her country, then the user can limit the results by selecting ‘results from his country’ option only.

If the search engine in not having any information about a page then it will not be found by the user. The search engine builds up its index either by having webmasters submits their sites directly via free or paid submission pages or through discovering new sites.

The Web sites rankings in search engines can also be improved so that the Web site appears on the first page of the search engine and more number of users can access the Web site. This is done with the help of a process called Search Engine optimization. This helps in generating greater traffic and thus leading to greater business.

Search Engine Optimization definitely helps the organization in providing a good business. Some of the points need to be kept in mind while designing a Web site. These are:

Keyword Research and Analysis Competitor Analysis RSS feed inclusion blogs Link Popularity etc…

It depends on search engines that what amount of time between visits is required as it is directly proportional to the resources the search engine is having and much up to date the search engine is keeping a particular Web page.

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