What is a Second Interview

This is an important stage for any employee, it indicates that the company has shortlisted them for the next stages of interview. This is often referred to as Second Interview. The main objective of second interview is to know in detail about the employee. Before an employee is selected for the second interview, there are several other things which happen in the first round. So it is important that an employee prepares a well defined application, resume and a covering letter.

In this second interview the recruiters classify the candidates into two stages. The first is called the clearance through interview; this implies that the final decision has already been made. But still the recruiting manager wants to take a final look at the interview results. The result in such cases is always a loss to the candidates. The second is called critical point, where in here the decision is to hire. This kind of second interview is usually done in hiring departmental heads.

Here are some things which the prospective employee for a second interview should keep in mind.

  • The candidates should be aware about the venue of the interview and what distance is it from his or her place.
  • Encourage themselves for being called for the second interview.
  • Understand that this is not the final, hence avoid over confidence.
  • The candidates should be more prepared for this interview. Study about the company, its stake holders etc.
  • If the candidate is not aware of the person whom to be contacted, he or she can very ask the human resource executive well in advance about the same.
  • The candidate should ask about what the other step would be, what the probable time to hear from them etc.

The candidate who has been selected for the second interview should follow certain don’ts:

  • He or she should not neglect the performance of the first interview.
  • The candidate should not forget the basic rule of panel interview. He or she must maintain eye to eye contact with all the panelists in the interview.
  • He or she should not be relaxed with the apparel what they are going to wear.
  • He or she should not be scared if the interviewer asks him or her about salary expectation. They should be well prepared for this by knowing the current market salary.
  • The candidate should not tale about holidays and bonus in the second interview.
  • Don’t smoke even if offered by the interviewer.
  • He or she should not wear too much of perfume or aftershave lotion.
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