What is a Senior Fellow

A senior fellow is a member of an elite club of people having maximum experience, or the one having attained more success than its peers. These elite club or people or peers are the one who work in the same institution or academic department. The word fellow is generally used as a term for males but the word senior fellow even incorporates females. The duty a senior fellow is expected to carry out varies from one institution to the other.

In order to get the title of a senior fellow, there are quite some formalities that need to be done. Becoming a senior fellow is tough and it requires rigorous efforts and a lot of hard work. First of all, the senior fellowship program requires doing highly intellectual work which is beyond the scope of subjects which one has in the normal curriculum offered by the college. There is a certain amount of time period for which the person should be a regular fellow. Apart from that, a recommendation from a couple of senior fellows is required at times, though not at all times. Also, there are exams which test your proficiency which need to be cleared and finally, a list of strong and satisfying achievements must be presented. Every year, there are very dew senior fellowships that are awarded. In order to be eligible to apply, a student must have 3.0 GPA at the time of applying and a student should have 27 credits to his name.

In certain colleges and institutions, there is no provision for a senior fellowship program. At such institutions, a regular fellowship program takes place instead of a senior fellowship program. Also, depending upon the institution, a senior fellow may have certain powers such as having his say in decisions pertaining to the financial decisions and the likes.

When a person becomes a senior fellow after clearing all the necessary formalities, he receives a primary advisor. This is a very big duty, and a primary advisor must be sure on giving the necessary time required by a senior fellow before taking up the commitment. A senior fellow might also receive a secondary advisor depending upon the institution. At the end of the term, an evaluation team evaluates by an examining committee. This committee is composed of the senior fellow’s primary advisor and at least two other members. Also, the process of selection of a senior fellow is very intense, and people should have alternate plans in mind in case they are relying only on a senior fellowship program for their future.

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