What is a Service Technician

An act of help or assistance provided by an individual with complex practical awareness about how systems work is a “Service Technician”. In other words, he is a structured system of worker and material support used to provide and meet the demand of the public. Service technicians are often referred to as “Field technicians”. They are products of trade schools. We need assistance of such service technicians in most sectors like Computers, Biomedical equipments, Automobile, Engineering, Mechanically operating sectors and many other.

There is an increasing demand and vast scope of work for service technicians as very few people go for replacement of the entire equipment as repair is economical than replacement.

Any service technician in general must excel two basic mechanical and electrical skills. These skills are mother skills for all other specific field. “Right First Time (RFT)” is the kind of repair every client expects from service technician. Once service technicians make place in the hearts of customers, they will never call any other technician for service. Branded companies will have properly trained technicians and educate their customers not to visit places with local uncertified technicians. I have come across phrases posted in companies like Cummins, an engineering company who manufacture gensets and service them “The tools we use differentiate the quality of service from that of local garages”. Yes, tools are the most important need of service technicians like a pen of a writer or an axe of a woodcutter. Tools should be maintained up in shape at all times, that is what proves the repair quality. Skilled technicians are acceptably designing their own tools to accomplish relevant repairs accurately.

Technicians are seen in in-house repairs and in the field. Any service technicians should acquire the following essential skills:

  • Listening skills: Listen to the issue from the customer carefully.
  • Diagnosing skills: Should diagnose the root cause of the problem.
  • Innovative skills: Should think innovatively, always have alternatives.
  • Troubleshooting skills: Should have proper troubleshooting skills.

 Technicians should have access to relevant repair procedures. And upgrade recent repair procedures by either attending refresher courses or by studying repair procedures. Certainly knowledge about computers in this cutting edge technology based world is the need of every hour.  There are repairs performed in the field connecting the equipment to laptops with necessary service software loaded in it. As multitasking is in every sector, technicians in manufacturing and production sectors at times book orders, perform initial marketing and proved themselves as Service Technician Sales Representatives.

Unlike sales professionals, service technicians also work on deadlines and targets but with repair time target, known as “Turn Around Time (TAT)”.

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