What is a Serving Size

Serving size and food pyramid is important for good regime and good health. If you want to which food is right for your age then you need to know the serving size and food pyramid. A dietitian can built you a pyramid according to your age. 

Are you conscious about your body?  Having a hard time to choose the right food for your age? Well, there is a food pyramid which will help you to select the right food.

People nowadays doesn’t follow the right serving size of food for some reasons, others say, eating is very hard to control, some people control their temptation by not  eating right food at the right time just to maintain their body. Some say that anything that you can eat is good, as long as you are eating real food.

Importance of food pyramid

But do you think those opinions are right for us? We have FOOD PYRAMID, it is our guide on what food should be eaten less, and eaten more, especially that in our generation, there are so much illness and sickness that food is one reason that triggers a person from his or her illness

There are serving size for each of us, for toddlers, to children, teenagers, and adults.

For the toddlers 2 to 6 years of age, who’s having 30 minutes to 1 hour of physical activity should take a cup of vegetables and fruits per day to meet the recommended vegetable serving, giving the toddlers the food pyramid is giving the same number of serving as the adults but in a small amount, according to the new food pyramid, a 2 year old boy or girl should give below amounts from the food group daily.

Different food pyramids for different ages

This is an example of a food pyramid for a toddler: 3 ounces of grains, 1 cup of vegetables and fruits, 2 cups of milk (16 oz), 2 ounces of meats.

For the children 2 to 6 years of age, the recommended food pyramid is 2 servings or 1.5 cups of vegetables. A variety of different colored fruits and vegetables will provide the needed fiber. A child needs 3 oz. of protein per day to provide the ff: iron, zinc, and vitamin B which helps to build bones stronger.

For the teenagers, the recommended serving size for 14 to 18 years old is 2 cups of vegetables, and 1.5 cups of fruits, for female, and for male, 2.5 cups of vegetables, and 2 cups of fruits.

For the Adults, aging 19 to 50 years should have 2.5 cups of vegetables and 2 cups of fruits. Women older than 50 is required to eat 2 cups of vegetable and 1.5 cups of fruits only, for the Men aging 19 to 50 years needs 3 cups of while for the fruits is 2 cups per day, for men over 50 years old the serving size needs 2.5 cups of vegetable and 2 cups of fruits.

With this we can gain a better wealth not because we are full but because we are eating nutritious food right on our age.