What Is a Shift Dress

Shift means to change from one place to other while a Dress is described by dictionary as “ clothing which is worn in a particular way”. So typically shift dress would mean a form of clothing that represents change. Shift dress is a form of clothing which became popular in the 1960s when there was a shift in the thought process and liberalization was in fashion. Still the origin of the dress can be traced back to the early 1900s when legs and arm exposing dresses came in fashion. The shift dress as the name suggests is a dress which represents shift. It is typically a sleeveless dress that is hung from the shoulders. It is not very long in length, mostly reaching the thighs to show the free nature of the wearer. This may not be suitable for women of older age brackets as it tends to show a lot of legs. These are mostly made with boat-neck collars. Typically with straight lines and not much detailing on the fabric the young women need to add a drape or some flashy accessory to highlight.

The shift dress typically comes in A line meaning the shape of the clothing when put on the table is similar to the alphabet A. It has a lot of advantages as it can be worn by itself or it can be paired with scarves or belts to go with the occasion. It is typically not a tight fighting dress which means it’s a favorite for women who don’t have the curves or have extra bulge as it tends to hide them. With obesity reaching epidemic proportions it has once again become the choice of dress for a lot of women.

What are the occasions which are suitable for wearing this dress? One thing is certain it is not a formal office wear, though some women thing otherwise and have worn it comfortably to office meetings. These are very good to be worn in office parties, home parties and any other such functions, be it day or night. This is a reason that it can be found in the wardrobe of young college going students and working women alike. They are easy and comfortable to wear and thus are in high demand. This has lead to number of manufacturers mass producing them in different avatars. This is another advantage, they have become quite inexpensive to purchase and as are a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.