What is a Silent Movie

Why you go to watch a movie? Everyone expects some high class drama, soothing-to-hear music and some high class background music. If you go to watch a silent movie expecting all these, then you are going to be disappointed. Yes, as the name suggests you will find a silent movie silent. You will find no music to hear in case of a silent movie. Why there is a concept of silent movie, in this modern world, when the sound technology has been developed a lot?

In fact, the concept of the silent movie is not new. It is a very ancient concept. The silent movie ever was The Great Train Robbery, it was released in the year 1903. It was produced by thomas Edison and directed by Edison company. There was a time, when there was no technology to record sound; so, only silent movie can be made. You can now expect the origin of a silent movie. However, the interesting thing about the silent movie is, it doesn’t lose its existence, when the technology came to capture the sound along with the picture. You will be astonished to know that, silent movies are also made now and people are going to see these silent movies. Why producers and directors are making these silent movies and people are going to watch these kinds of silent movies?

If you compare to the silent movies of current time to those of the ancient time, then you will find a hell and heaven of difference between them. Most of the ancient silent movies were just acted by a single actor. However, you will find many actors in a single picture like a modern picture. In modern, silent movies, you will find everything like a general movie except the sound. But why people see these silent movies, when they have many really entertaining movies in front of them?

There is no doubt that modern films are entertaining, but if you want to see the real acting, then you may be disappointed with the modern films. Modern films are mostly filled with entertaining things. You will not find the real acting talent in modern movies. However, you will find nothing except real acting in case of a silent movie.

Just think, in case of a silent movie, the actors are not allowed to speak anything. There is no background music at all in case of a silent movie. So, the only thing an actor could do in case of a silent movie is acting, real acting. The actor has to convey, what he or she wants to say without saying anything. The only way to convey, what he or she wants to say is by acting. This is why, you don’t see any kind of less talented actors in case of a silent movie and this is why, people who love to see real acting still prefer silent movies. No matter, how the technology advances, the silent movie is going to stay here. 

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