What is a Smartphone

Mobile phones and its uses have come a long way from a decade, from a mere calling and call receiving device, to a highly advanced computing device. The definition of smartphone has changed a lot with time and today we can say that smartphone is a portable device, which has camera Wi-Fi, media player and can perform most of the functions of a computer. Today smartphones come with different types of features, but they all come with a high price tag. It all started with contemporary phone doing the work of PDA’s and since then smartphones has never looked back.

Globally renowned companies manufacturing smartphone

There are lots of different companies around the world which are making smartphones. But some of the major players in smartphones market are Nokia, Apple, Samsung, HTC and BlackBerry. All these companies hold a major share in smartphone industry and hence the customer satisfaction score of these companies are higher than rest of the small companies. Apple tops the customer satisfaction chart, and it is followed by HTC. Smartphone made by these companies are one of the most loved devices of this decade, the most famous being the Apple iPhone series.

Hardware and software configurations of smartphones

Smartphone which are available these days come equipped with more than 1 GHz processors, graphical chipsets, touchscreen, high end camera, RAM and they come well supported with incredible operating systems. Some of the major operating systems of smartphones are embedded Linux, RIM’s BlackBerry OS, Nokia’s Symbian, Windows Phone OS, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. The best part of these mobile operating systems is that they can be updated a number of times in its lifetime. These smartphone have become one of the most powerful devices which is available to general public and with amazing software and features added in them on daily basis you can just imagine what its future is going to be.

Battle for the smartest phone

The battle for the smartest phone is not new in the mobile phone industry. Each company launches a new smartphone with added features in order to capture new buyers and increase their market profit ratio. This battles between the big mobile phone companies such as Nokia, Apple and Samsung and benefited a lot as far as the consumer is concerned as these high end devices keep coming up every now and then and their price is also not very high with respect to the capability with which they are packaged. Smartphones have become a necessity as well as status symbol, hence you can always choose smartphone over any other device as they are portable, smart, and they can perform a lot of different types of task which can keep you busy professionally as well as personally.