What is a Soap Opera

This term is generally related to any romantic serial.  But today, this has been widely used for all naturalistic, unglamorous and drama serials.  The main underlying this of this soap opera is the open ended nature.  As, the serials of today prolong for years together with thousands of episodes the term suits best.  To define simply, it is a form of television related with continuous open narrative episodes.  Each episode shall end with a story line which signifies that the rest of the story will be continued in another episode.

The stories of soap opera relate to run concurrently leading to further developments. Every individual episode of soap opera will switch between many story threads that may connect and inter connect with one another or run independently of each other.  Every episode features with current storylines.  But at some times you cannot observe the current storyline.  For some day time serials and some week day serials, the rotation of both storyline and actors can be observed.  All the soap operas finally bring the current story lines to conclude at the same time.  They typically end on some cliff hanger or of any other reason. 

Some weekly serials related soap operas are most likely to feature the entire cast in single episode.  The duration for the episode in once a week is limited and thus the story twists and turns fast than the daily serials.  It tries to represent all the current storylines in single episode.  Evening soap operas and some serials run in a part of year will bring the dramatic end.  Sometimes the loyalty of soap opera fan base has to be considered and the production of serial timings is prolonged according to the audience ratings.  However, the story lines of this soap opera must be wackiest and romantic in nature.

Soap Operas are ongoing works of dramas, fiction and episodic work.  Soaps are simple stories told and extended for a longer period bringing different characters at different times.  The quick wrap up of storyline will be very rare.  A story line affects many characters and it interconnects tiny stories too.  Every episode shall give the viewer a thought that it will continue for some more days.   When these soap operas began at first, they were first broadcasted on the radio.  They were called as dramatic serials.  The sponsors for these soap operas are the soap manufacturers like Procter and gamble, Colgate Palmolive etc.  Thus the name “Soap Opera” came in to existence.

These soap operas are totally different from dramas.  Some operas focus mainly on plots and storylines around a single large family, sexual relationships, emotions, conflicts and many more.  They are different from normal TV programs.  Soaps are filmed to introduce the characters day by day and build the story for some period of time.


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