What is a Social Networking Site

Social Networking Sites are the sites that enable the users to create public profiles within that website only. The user can form relationships with other users who have also created their public profiles within that particular website only. Social Networking Sites have exploded across the internet at a very high rate. Social Networking Sites can be used to describe any community based web sites, some technical discussion forums, and chat rooms and can be any other social space.

Modern Social Networking Sites have become popular and easier with the help of Web 2.0 and will also continue with Web 3.0. Some of the most famous social networking sites with huge databases of its users include:

Facebook MySpace Twitter etc…

Basically the social networking sites have a theme as some social networking sites allow people to connect through multimedia such as image or music or video collection and some websites allow the users to just expand their friend circle as on these sites finding friends which have not been in touch for a long while is just a search away. This becomes possible by filling up a detailed personal profile as the websites use this information to search others but keeping in mind the privacy of the user.

Social Networking Sites also provides a number of services together in an organized and attractive way for the users so that the users can use these services through a single website. There are hundreds of social networking sites available to users and are ranging from small to some really enormous websites. These sites help the users to bind them closer even though they are miles apart from each other.

One of the main advantages of these social networking sites is for the business companies. Companies are using social networking sites to expand their business so that they can enlarge their brand image. Some of the uses that a social networking site provides to businesses are that they are able to make large number of people aware of their business at a single place; they can recruit people by spreading information about that through these sites or can learn about their competitors. One main feature of these websites is that these websites are able to attract a lot of people to their own site and also asking their customers about the ways they can improve or change their services to a better extent.

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