What is a Sock Hop

A sock hop is a type of dance, generally done by the people in their teenage that got its feet up in the 1950’s, when the name came accidently into existence. In those times mostly dances were often done at the school gymnasiums, people would often kick off their shoes while dancing and dance in socks or stockings so as to prevent from messing and marking up gym floors, and to get better movements in dances like the Twist and slides, it was because of the so commonly practice of these dances in socks that they got a new style called as the Sock Hops.

The music in 1950s also a lot of times mentions the sock hop. The most sought out reference is the very popular Danny and the junior’s song At the Hop in 1958, which described the generic scenario at a sock hop. Many movies like the American Graffitt also had sock hop as a major part of it.

The major difference in a sock hop dance form from other dances is that they are informal. They are very much different from the formal dances like the Ball Dance or the Prom dance as the attire is very casual or basically anything goes. One doesn’t need a partner for a sock hop unlike the other forms of dance. A sock hop didn’t even have any type of time restraint of being held only in evenings or at special occasions but can be done at an afternoon, early evening, or even at an after school event.

With the advent of the 1960’s the sock hop became very rare and uncommon it gave place to the kind of dances where the dancers would keep their shoes on or even wear dancing shoes for certain styles. The kind of music that is played at a sock hop is generally the ones with chorus and less of romanticism in it but more about fun and enjoyment. The decline of the sock hop could be attributed to a changing trend in the taste of music among people as people shifted from chorus songs to psychedelic rock and hard rock.

The sock hop didn’t completely vanish though as it was still being practiced and inculcated among kids in the early stages of their school life till 1990’s.This was being done by a purpose of discouraging dance among kids as a part of romance but as part of fun activity to enjoyas they still wanted their kids to listen to music, so the schools became the centers for sock hop again.

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