What is a Sonogram

Sonograms are the images that we receive during the ultrasonography or ultrasound examination done on a particular part of the human body. Ultra sonogram images are formed in a unique way in which high frequency sound waves are sent in to the particular body part. When these ultrasound waves bounce on the body tissues we receive displayed images of the body part on the screen of the ultrasound machines. This image that shows the inner occurrence of the tissues and cells in the part of the body is called as the sonogram. This is a safe and painless procedure.

What are the uses of sonogram?

  • Detect cancer
    An ultrasound medical examination with sonograms is used as a combination with various other tests and treatments in the cancer field. For example in case a particular patient has performed some clinical examination or a mammogram which has shown something abnormal and in such a situation the doctors usually recommends for an ultrasound examination. This will reveal to the world whether that abnormality is cancer tissue or if it is just a fibroadenoma or a fluid filled benign cyst. The results will effectively help the doctors to diagnose correctly if the abnormality that has been spotted in the patient is in the form of fluid-filled or solid. If the sonograms have found that the abnormality is in solid form then it will not be helping the doctors to determine if it is a cancerous growth and therefore these conditions in a patient may demand for more elaborate medical examinations.

    Sonogram images are taken to screen the breasts of women who are under the age of thirty. Mammogram of the breasts has no capacity to reveal any hidden abnormal growth which might be cancerous. This is because the breasts of young women are very full and dense with milk glands and the mammogram image of the breast tissues looks white and hides the abnormalities making it difficult for the physicians to decide on the treatment. Sonogram of the same breast will be portraying the tissues in the women’s breasts in an advanced manner. In some cases ultrasonography will also helps and guides the biopsy needles to the exact location in the breast tissues that might be diagnosed as suspicious spot.

  • Pregnancy
    Sonograms are effective in monitoring the unborn child during the period of pregnancy and this proves the fact that sonograms are completely safe for the fetus as well. Tubal pregnancy can be detected at earlier stages which offer total safety to the mother. If the baby in the mother’s womb has any kinds of birth defects then it will also be diagnosed in the sonogram images. The mother and child can be treated according to the results.
  • Pelvic detection
    Sonogram enables the doctors to detect the root cause for the bleeding or any other discomfort in the pelvic region.